Non-Singles Covered

Ever wish your favorite songs had their own artwork? Me too. Non-Singles Covered is an ongoing personal project in which I design record covers for some of my favorite songs, new and old, that don’t already have their own artwork.

“Glitter” by Tyler, The Creator | Album: Flower Boy (2017)

“Diagonals” by Stereolab | Album: Dots and Loops (1997)

“Honey Lips” by Part Time | Album: Virgo’s Maze (2015)

“Hand It Over” by MGMT | Album: Little Dark Age (2018)

“Potato Salad” by Tyler, The Creator & A$AP Rocky | Technically this is a single and has it’s own artwork, but its only a freeze frame from the music video so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (2018)