Colgate Vote Project

Colgate Vote Project (CVP) is a Colgate University campus initiative that strives to increase voter registration and voter turnout among students in government elections. CVP aims to create a population of engaged student voters by streamlining the registration and voting process. Regardless of party affiliation, current political engagement, or voting eligibility, the project seeks to support all students and create an on-campus environment that encourages political awareness and voter participation. 

Voting is easy, or at least it should be. CVP’s goal is to make the voting process as easy and accessible as possible for all Colgate students by hosting voter registration events, providing clear and reliable voter information guides, issuing state-specific reminders of upcoming voting deadlines, and offering rides to polling places among other things. 

CVP Website Presentation-02.png

Supporting the initiative’s mission and streamlined approach is a clean, minimal visual identity. The logo, a bold badge containing the CVP’s initials, combines the checkmark to represent the act of voting and the classic stars and stripes iconography to represent voting as a foundational element of American democracy. The color scheme adopts Colgate’s maroon to tie the initiative to the university and its identity.  Paired with the maroon, the light blue brightens up Colgate’s traditional dark palette of maroon, grey, and white to inject a sense of youth, ease and approachability into CVP. Together, the maroon and light blue also offer a softer, less divisive take on the traditional reds and blues of partisan politics. 

CVP is a non-partisan, joint student-faculty initiative that aims to serve all eligible voters on campus. As such, the project has involved students, faculty, and staff from across disciplines and departments to help establish, operate and advocate the project. In the spirit of such collaboration and civic engagement, the visual identity for CVP was developed in close consultation with students, faculty, and staff at Colgate University via a voting and feedback process through the design process.